How to maka a Lead ducking effect ?

Dear All,

It will be deadly awesome if someone could me explain in simple words:
How to make a side-chaining or ducking effect when the Leads presets are playing.

I’m not talking about the usual side-chaining through the 4/4 kick drum pattern.

I’m talking when the main Lead (EDM genre) is playing > the big reverbs goes behind. I’ve found 2 examples on youtube but for Fl and Logic only… and I couldn’t find the way to replicate it on Cubase 7.

When I process the ducking effect on my Lead, the result is: the compressor play on each note of my Lead > means my lead disappear on each note… as results I only hear the reverb.

I couldn’t find the way to hear my sound upfront… right on the face -)

Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about:

Many many and many thx guys for your help and advice.

God Bless You

You have your lead sound.
Use an aux send to send to the reverb.
Now your lead sound has reverb.

Open the channel edit window for the reverb effect and engage the standard compressor
in the channel strip. Engage the little “SC” button on the compressor.
Now back to your lead channel, use another aux send and send this one to the side-chain
of the reverb channel’s compressor.

Sometimes you have to scroll down, the side-chain inputs are at the bottom.

Dear Rotund,

Many and many thanks for taking the time to read my topic and to respond me !

I’ve tried to follow your steps, over and over again… and unfortunately it doesn’t’ work for me.
Certainly the problem comes from me -)

At your best convenience, is it possible for you to send me a .cpr file including this side chaining effect ? (cubase compressor+roomworks)

If yes > I guarantee you will make my day and I will never forget that.

Again thank you for your help,

God Bless you

Try putting the comp in an insert slot below the reverb plug-in to help you trouble shoot more.

What part isn’t working for you? Assuming you have the side chain set up well, are you setting a very low threshold and
very high ratio on the comp?

Or are you not seeing the sidechain? More specific info posted here about what you are seeing will help :slight_smile: .

Yahooooooo !!! You are awesome, its working !!!

You are the best !!!

Thank you both of you -)

You make my day !!!

So glad for you!

Where was the problem, BTW, to help the next person who might have a similar issue?