How to make 32bit VSTi behave in 64 bit

Last topic for today:

I get audio from a number of my csti, but some tend to freeze cubase (Sytrus, Ogun) and some load well but their soundbanks cannot be accessed (MTron-Pro).

This is probably due to the 32bit VSTI in a 64Bit DAW.

What would you suggest I do? Install Cubase’s 32bit version also (I guess that is allowed) and then try to synchronise the creations in both (loading the 32bit ones as wav’s in 64bit for example) or is there another way?

Would be one way to create in 32bit and move as wav to 64bit.


Take a closer look at the tool JBRIDGE.

Greetz Bassbase

get Jbridge!

I’ll try JBridge, thanks.

So I got JBridge.

Default it gave only problems but with a few settings it works just fine.
Strane that it’s often a question of interface…

anyway, I’m happy with it.

thanks for the suggestion.