How to make a 5.1 Audio track with 6 mono wav clips

Hi guys

I pretty new at nuendo and have found a “Problem” that i cant seem to solve with you tube…

I have a couple of 5.1 “Stems” Amb/FX/Music bounced out from project A that I need to Import into project B.
I would like to have them as is in one sigle 5.1 Audio track and not as 6 mono tracks with a group and then panning each of them to the right position in the group.

Hate to revere to pro tools but it might help explain.
when I have 6 mono tracks with audio clips in each and then create a empty new 5.1 audio track I could select all 6 clips in the mono tracks and move them “up” into the 5.1 track. Losing the ability to alter each clip on its own and now insead work them as one.

I also have a 5.1 bwf that when i pull it into nuendo onto a track mono/5.1 it shows all 6 mono tracks. how can i break them into 6 mono clips on 6 mono tracks.
I found that if i go the “file-import” route it gives me the option to split the track but would like to know if this can be done after the file is in the project already.

Thanks for the help hope this makes sense.

Menu: Project/convert tracks

This allows you to convert mono tracks into multichannel tarcks and vice versa.


Thanks for the fast reply, this is going to make my life a lot easier Thanks!.
I would still love to se Nuendo adding the drag and drop convert thing but this is great and group tracks work where this does not. (might just be somthing im doing wrong but cant seem to merge tracks if they have different automation for what would be left and right)

once again thanks for the help!