How to make a chord diagram available for all roots?

I created the following chord diagram:a-maj7

The option “Chord may be moved along the neck” is checked.
Unfortunately this diagram is not available for other roots.

What shall one do in order to make this diagram available for each root?

I would like to add that on sept 2019 Daniel wrote:
“… if you set the shape you create to be moveable up and down the neck, it will be offered up for Dmaj9 as well as Cmaj9.”
What could be then the reason why the diagram I created is not available for other roots?
BTW in this voicing all notes of the chord are there: 1, 3, 5 and major 7

I’ll check with my more guitar-literate colleagues and come back to you.

OK, thanks for your answer.

My colleague Bill confirms that there’s a small bug here: Dorico should be permitting this chord to be moved up and down the neck, but it’s not at the moment. Thanks for reporting the problem. It will be fixed in a future version of the software.

Thank you for your answer.
BTW there are other diagrams showing the same behaviour.
Would it help if I communicate them?

No, hopefully we have isolated the problem now, but thank you for the offer.

You’re welcome.