How to Make a Global Setup Menu Preset?

In Cubase I can modify the setup for every toolbar.

But the issue I have is I’ve selected my preferred toolbar set up for everything, saved it as a preset. But then with existing projects I have to keep going in and readding the saved preset. Which is annoying as I have about 7 menu toolbars I’ve added a preset for.

How do I set a global preset that will apply to all projects. I don’t like that it’s per project it’s a lot of manual work.


Save it as part of the Template(s) you use to create new Projects from.

Hey yep I’ve done that, but I mean for existing projects, I’m working on a lot of existing projects and just want to have a consistent Cubase experience for any project I work on regardless of when I made the project.

Are there any ways to do this? Maybe in settings or?

Not really since those settings are by design saved on a per Project basis. So it assumes that the way you have it setup is how you’d like it to be setup. The best you can do is what it sounds like you currently are doing - open a Project, apply your Preset, save & close the Project - repeat as needed for remaining Projects. Maybe make a big pot of coffee, put on an interesting podcast, and plow through them all to get it over with.

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