How to make a lead sheet?

Can someone point me in the right direction please.
I’ve just upgraded to Dorico 4 elements.
All I want to do is make a Jazz fake book style lead sheet , (Melody line with Chord symbols)
I really can’t be asked to wade through the online manual, Is there a video?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve discovered what to do myself.
In the "Library " drop down menu there are a couple of fonts to choose from. That’s all I needed really but Dorico is far too over featured and is very difficult for the novice to navigate.
Thanks again.

Do you know the first steps guide?


Thank you for this.
Nobody tells you these things. :+1:

bobmusic just told you. :smile:

Yeah I know what you mean - I had the same trouble when I wanted to fly a Sikorsky helicopter to Paris for the weekend; all I needed to know was how to take off and land but they made me read all these manuals and learn stuff I really didn’t need to know. Infuriating.