How to make a Pattern always play from begining?

I need some help in configuring Groove Agent. I’m trying to trigger Patterns to play using MIDI Parts with the trigger notes. I’d like it to play a Pattern from its start when it sees a note-on. Currently if the trigger note occurs on bar 2 then the Pattern will begin playback on its 2nd bar instead of the first bar. I want the Pattern start to align to the note-on and not to bars on the Project’s timeline.

Cannot seem to find the right combination of settings to make that happen.

If I understand you correctly, you’re in pattern play mode, you have a Main pattern playing and you want another pattern (whether Beginning, Main or Fill, or End) to play immediately starting at the first bar of the pattern selected? Hm. So let’s say the Main pattern is 8 bars. You want to play a Fill starting at bar two of the Main pattern, but you want the Fill to start it it’s bar one? I don’t think this is possible, Rodger, but maybe someone else does. I think the only way this could happen would be if you could create a 1/1 tempo pattern, but this isn’t possible.

What does ‘note-on’ refer to? Is this midi lingo?

Unless I am misunderstanding what you mean you just have to click the “Sync to Beat” off (under “Show Pad Settings”).

MikZak, can you post a screen shot of this ‘Sync to Beat’ item is? Does it only show up when GA5 is loaded as a program in Cubase, or does it exist in the GA5 standalone app, as well? Thanks!

Hope this works! :slight_smile:
Sync to Beat.png

Thanks! Actually it does, however not only do you have to click on this for the particular pattern, but you have to go to each Fill you might want to add to your finished beat and make sure you engage ‘Sync to Beat’ for it, too. But once you’ve done this you’re all set to try your hand at keeping the tempo and feel tight. It’s very much like my Ditto pedal (guitar looper pedal) and frankly, I think prefer the stock settings because it’s just easier to get the job done. Too, you can ‘swing’ the feel and make things a little less robotic. Haha, but man, there is nothing wrong with a drummer that has perfect meter!!

Thanks for the screen shot, MikZak!

Thanks, turning it off worked. But I could (almost) swear that I’d tried that before posting. It is an obvious looking candidate after all. Must be cabin fever clouding my judgment.