How to make a program plugin and/or a MIDI plugin?

Not VSTs. Program and/or MIDI plugins. I know that you can make plugins for Cubase itself. There’s a menu within Cubase (forgot which menu) that lists all of them. I want to make one but I can’t find the documentation on this site.

I have some ideas for an automation-related plugin.


It depends, what do you mean ny “program”. To be able to write VST, VSTi or MIDI plug-in, you have to be a developer and use VST SDK. C++ is usually used.

I code in C/C++ a fair bit. In “Devices >> Plugin Information” there’s a MIDI Plugins tab and a Program Plugins tab. Wondering if there’s an API available publicly or whether it’s Steinberg-only.

No, it’s not Steinberg only. You can use 3rd-party plug-ins here.

Visit Steinberg developers web page, please.