How to make a single violin note go decrescendo?


I just downloaded Dorico and I can’t figure out how to make a single violin note fade out over time. The Gradual Dynamics seems not to affect a single note but only apply when several notes are played. So if anybody has any idea on why, and how to make it work that would be great.

Thanks in advance

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Is your violin from the HALion soundset or another VST? Dynamics depend on an Expression Map that matches the soundset you are using. The first step is to make sure the Playback Template in the Play menu matches the VST you are using.

Another thing to check is that your gradual dynamic applies to the entire length of your violin note. Since you didn’t post an image (perhaps not possible for a brand new forum participant), we cannot see whether you used a hairpin or a text diminuendo indication. The hairpin should adequately show the length; the text version might not.

Did you put an ending dynamic at the end of the diminuendo?

Hi Derek,

First of all, thank you for that quick and precise answer ! And you where right, the Playback Template didn’t match the version of Dorico I was using, I corrected it and it now works as it should !

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in addition to the above, it’s worth bearing in mind the basic rule that if the main dynamic controller you’re using is velocity, you cannot get a hairpin over a single note. It only works with CC controllers, typically CC1 or 11. Always check in the Expression Map that this is set correctly if you come across this again in a different situation.

Of course you are correct, but one would guess that a violin was not using velocity for volume control. I was glad that user146 specified the instrument being used.

It can depend on the articulation. Obviously it makes no sense to programme a legato that way in most string libraries but it’s really the other side of the coin – check first you’re using the correct EM and then check there isn’t a basic error in it! Of course for a novice using just Halion like the OP one can perhaps assume that it’s the default library being used but then being new to Dorico does by no means necessarily mean being new to using VST’s and a good number of users will already be bringing something else with them from a DAW or other notation software. If Halion, then all that would usually need to be done is to reapply the template as you’ve said