How to make a staff not show in score?

How do I make a staff not show up in the score, without deleting it from the flow and thereby losing the content?

I have couple of staves in a concert band score that I don’t want in the score (the treble clef euphonium part being an example—I just show the bass clef staff), and I thought there was a simple way to hide it in the score. However, I can’t find it or figure it out.


I would make a separate layout based on the Score Master pages and have that layout show the staves you want and omit those you do not.

I have started making the “Full Score” a working document only that I never print. It contains rehearsal piano reduction and perhaps a click track. From that working version I pull different layouts for a Conductor score and the Piano/Vocal score. For me it works to keep all parts together, so making changes is relatively easy.

Like Derrek, I make extensive use of the score layout system to hide what I don’t want and customize the systems that are printed. Once you get the hang of creating custom layouts on the layout tab, it’s almost as easy as just hiding staves (and ultimately a lot cleaner to manage.)

Thanks, guys,

I had gotten fixated on solving it through the flow system; lost sight of the flexibility of layouts. That of course was the answer.