How to make a track thin in MixConsole

Getting used to the MixConsole now, (change is always painful at first) and I’m starting to like it but I don’t know how to “slim” a channel.

I’m using FX busses as render points now, which is arguably better than batch export but it means I have more complex routing thus I am breaking down the channel count using multiple mixers (lucky I have full Cubase) but I’m thinking how much easiser it would be if I could skip over channels when generating sends.

Cheers and all the best to the developers (and marketers, supporters etc) of Cubase, it really is a wonderful program and without it I’d be defunct.

Aloha s,
I have never found a way to do that in C7.5
The entire Mix Console yes but a single channel; don’t think so.

I even checked C6 to see if this was possible back-n-ca-day
but could not find a way to do it.

Good Luck.

it was kinda kool being back in C6.
Have not done so for months now.

Hi Curteye,

I honestly thought this would be possible and that it was me, i.e. PICNIC but while I am thankful to SB for such a great program I am kind of bemused that this was not factored into the MixConsole as a base feature of the application.

Seriously though where is the discussion paper on the future direction of Cubase and Nuendo?

I am fine about re-organising my project files from version to version, but with increasing track counts, muliple mixers is not the complete answer.

If you are asking about info coming from Yamy/Steiny;
I would say no where, because the competition is so stiff.

No leaks allowed. All secrets/future developments are held very ‘close to the vest’.

But there are pretty lively user discussions going on in the ‘Features and Requests’ forum.

Good Luck!

Thanks Curt,

I know that most all people have their “pet” feature and other expectations around the software package, but I would argue that this should be a standard workflow.

I know I can email SB via their info@ address but I can only wonder how many others might agree and would they be prepared to pay a sum of money for the improvement.