How to make alternate parts that have instrument changes

Let’s say a part in the score is Trumpet in C for all bars. I’d like to make an alternate part that begins with trumpet in Eb. The trumpet in Eb part changes instrument to piccolo trumpet in Bb halfway through the piece. Is this possible to make without affecting the original C trumpet part?

I think you’d have to create a second player who holds the two trumpets and copy the music over to the appropriate instrument.

It’s not possible to do without affecting the original part, no, because you would need two instruments to be held by that player in order to effect the instrument change.

The ability to do this without making a second copy of the notes would certainly be a welcome addition as this scenario is quite common for the music we publish.

Give your Player two Trumpets in C then, use a transposition override for the Part.

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@Craig_F Interesting idea…I’ll give it a try.

I don’t think it’s going to work. I can’t figure out how to change the instrument to Piccolo Trumpet

advanced part transposition poc.dorico (798.5 KB)
at bar 2.

You need to add a transposition for Trumpet C2.

Edit: Posted better graphic.

Great solution - it works - thank you!

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