How to make audio files independent

I want to create a second harmony line from a vocal. However when I copy the vocal audio event in the arrange view or copy the track and process one of them it with Variaudio, both vocal files are changed. How do I make them independent? I’ve been searching for this on the internet and YouTube but didn’t find the answer until now.

Perhaps this entry in the manual will help?

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction mlib! I tried bounced selection yesterday and chose Replace, but I probably did something wrong. After posting my question I thought of another solution: just render the part in solo mode and drag it onto the project from explorer. That also works. I am going to try Bounce Selection again as this seems to be the quickest way to clone a file physically.
The hierarchy of audio files in Cubase (events, files, clips etc.) has always been kind of fuzzy to me but the principle that one audio file can be used multiple times and is processed non destructively is clear anyway.


If you copy the Audio Event and then you start to process one of them, Cubase asks you, how to proceed. Select Creat New Copy. This will Creat a new file and you will process only the one.

The Bounce Selection “prints” the processes (which are done on the external “edit” file so far) to the source file. I don’t think this is what you are searching for.

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Going to try that too. It would be nice if Variaudio would also ask the same question when one of two Audio Events uses the same base audio file.

It does. Unless you told it to shut up. In that case the dialog can be brought back by changing the preference for it. It’s in the Audio Edit section of the Preferences, I think.