How to make C9Pro open project showing same plugins etc

Is there a way to make a Cubase project open displaying exactly the same items as when you closed it?

I often find that projects do not display the plugins whose GUIs were open last time I worked on those projects. Also, I always want the Control Room Mixer to be open, displaying the meter and whatever plugins I have in its insert slots. Instead, I have to tell Cubase every other session to display these items, since Cubase closes them upon exit.

I would love it if there was a way to return to a project, with the displayed items being exactly the same as when i left off last time I worked on it.

Is this possible?


You could create a “workspacet”, save it and then assign a key command.

Thanks, thats an idea, at least for the Ctrl Rm Mixer. I find it annoying, though, that when saving a new version of my project (Save As) Cubase will close all open windows, or rather, open without them next time I load the project.