How to make Cubase 13 selected track appear as 12 (Brighter)

i am probably missing something here. Went into settings/User interface/Color Schemes/Focus color is set white. How ever when I select a track nothing happens to differentiate its appearance. Ok . What am I missing?

Uses the slider for Selected Channel Brightness. See: User Interface - Track & MixConsole Channel Colors for more info. You can’t make it all the way white, but making it a fair bit brighter will make it stand out more (and I prefer that to full white anyway).

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Appreciate the reply rickpaul.
I already had this set to maximum brightness.
Upon further tinkering I discovered unchecking “Tracks” and “folder tracks” in the “User interface $ Track MixConsole Channel Colors” in Settings restores the previous Cubase 12 behavior somewhat.
Unfortunately there is a bug because it also whites out the name of the track until you point the cursor at said name.
Hopefully this will be fixed in an upcoming update.
With a 2000 track template I need it to be full white when tracks are selected. The track type to the left remains colorized…