How to make Cubase 13 selected track appear as 12 (Brighter)

i am probably missing something here. Went into settings/User interface/Color Schemes/Focus color is set white. How ever when I select a track nothing happens to differentiate its appearance. Ok . What am I missing?

Uses the slider for Selected Channel Brightness. See: User Interface - Track & MixConsole Channel Colors for more info. You can’t make it all the way white, but making it a fair bit brighter will make it stand out more (and I prefer that to full white anyway).

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Appreciate the reply rickpaul.
I already had this set to maximum brightness.
Upon further tinkering I discovered unchecking “Tracks” and “folder tracks” in the “User interface $ Track MixConsole Channel Colors” in Settings restores the previous Cubase 12 behavior somewhat.
Unfortunately there is a bug because it also whites out the name of the track until you point the cursor at said name.
Hopefully this will be fixed in an upcoming update.
With a 2000 track template I need it to be full white when tracks are selected. The track type to the left remains colorized…

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What on earth is wrong with 13, there are very settings where you can easily see which track is selected?!

Why can’t we have the selected channel any color we want? Especially when using colored tracks, it’s impossible to see which track is selected.

If mankind can get the James Webb telescope in orbit and working properly, we can also get this working.