How to Make Cubase Record From a Beat, Not a Bar

Grid set to use quantize at 1/4 notes. Precount set to โ€œon.โ€ I click in the middle of a measure, and cursor snaps to center of measure. But when I hit record, cursor snaps to beginning of measure and then records. Is this a problem with Cubase, or with me?

I realize there are other methods that I could use, such as punch in, but for my own reasons I decide not to use them.

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Might seem a little unnecessary, but, in this case, when using Pre-Count, go into Metronome Setup, and set โ€œUse Signatureโ€ to โ€œ1/4โ€

Hmm I tried that, but strangely it hasnโ€™t fixed the problem. Cubase used to work the right way I believe, but it seems like one day it just decided to goof up on me.