How to make custom kit from Groove Agent Presets?

I have Groove Agent SE 4. I’d like to “mix and match” drum sounds form different presets. For example: Take a kick sound from a “Dance” preset, a snare from a “Hip Hop” preset and the hats from a “Pop” preset. What’s the best/easiest way to accomplish this? Do I need the full version of groove agent to do this?

I wish I knew the answer to this too.

All I can say is I have the full version of the program & I haven’t worked out how to do it in that either.

You’d think it’d be a fairly simple thing to do & it’s obviously something a lot of users would desire.

I haven’t found one drumkit style where I’m happy with all the sounds, usually I like a kick from one & a snare or hat from others.

To be quite honest I’m very disappointed with Groove Agent in general. I find it very counter intuitive to work with, the grooves usually have only 1 or 2 fills that are really useable (the majority are way over the top) & some genres ae really not catered for at all.

I’m downloading the demo OF EZ Drummer 2 as I write.

Just wanted to give this a bump. This is very easy in Battery for example. Where you can load kits, but also browse all files by type (all Snare Drums for example) until you find one you like. This seems so basic I thought I was just missing something.