How to make cycle region of dedicated marker with key command, if possible?

Hello, I am trying to get my head around to make ‘one key’ key command to make:

Cycle (loop) marker 1 region (arrangement 1 region as I always set it like this)
Cycle (loop) marker 2 region (*more precisely starting marker 2 till the start point of marker 3

I wish there is a way…? haha…
But I just cannot figure it out even with Logical editor.

Could someone help me…?

So I could midi remote map remaining number buttons as to loop each section :slight_smile:
Which would be super handy for me.



If you already have Arranger Track events in the project (if I understand it correct), you can just select it and press [P] Key Command (Locate Selection). The Left and Right Locators will set to the Start and End position of the Arranger event.

Thank you Martin! Yes, I’ve been grateful using ‘P’ function and key command with \ ← as ‘cycle’!

But Cubase 12 Pro gets me more and more spoiled somehow!

So I thought, I may be able to make it as one execution key command!

Arrangements: region 1 - region 2 - region 3 … etc
→ P region 1
→ Then key command ‘cycle’

But I guess, there is no way to make it one key command to make,
‘select’ region 1, 2 and so on?

If it is not possible it is totally ok!

Um, just wondering, then, is there any short cut to move, left locator and right locator? with incrementing and decrementing function?



You can make a Macro out of it. But you will always get specific number of the steps. So you cannot do something like “do it until the very last Arranger event”.

Thank you! got it :slight_smile: