How to make disabled tracks react to a VCA once enabled

Hello, so I use VCA to balance different libraries together, but sometimes I enable tracks one after the other, and if I made an adjustment on the VCA to affect a group of tracks that belong to the same library, obviously only activated tracks react to the VCA.

The issue is that when I enable a track that belongs to that group, it’s fader is set to the default 0 db and now this library is out of balance


Do I understand your description correctly, if I describe it this way:

  • Add 2 Audio Tracks.
  • Select both tracks.
  • Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels.
  • Move the VCA fader to -6dB.
    → Both Audio Tracks are set to -6dB.
  • Disable Audio Track 01.
  • Move the VCA fader to -12dB.
  • Enable Audio Track 01.
    => Audio Track 01 is set to -6dB, but the expectation is -12dB, the same as Audio Track 02.

So you want the Audio Track to be controlled by the VCA fader even though the Audio Track is disabled. Am I right?

yes ! It’s instrument tracks but yes, or at least that the track grab the new vca change once it’s enabled