How to make downloaded vocals fit on beat in cubase

So here is my problem…

I’ve been wanting to start making remixes of existing songs but my biggest problem is that whenever I download an acapella and load it into Cubase, it doesn’t seem to match the bpm of cubase itself. Let’s say the acapella is listed at 120bpm and I load it into Cubase, even if I set the bpm in my DAW to 120 bpm as well, it still doesn’t fit with the metronome of cubase. This makes it almost impossible to add any sort of drums/percussion as it’s never on beat and there must be an easier way than just cutting up all the vocal and trying to somehow put it on the markers of the beat…Does anyone have a solution to this? and If yes I’d also need to know how you can speed up/slow down the vocal stem with it then still being on beat :slight_smile:

Thanks to anyone who can help in any way!

Try this. Make sure Snap is on and move the Audio so the start snaps to the grid. On the Arrow Tool choose the option “Sizing Applies Time Stretch.” Now drag the end of your audio so it stretches (or shrinks) and snaps to a bar line. Now the timing between the audio and Cubase should be aligned. If you need to delay (plus or minus) the audio clip a bit there is a control in the Inspector for that.

Then in the Pool click the checkbox next to your audio to set it to be in Musical Mode. This tells that specific audio to follow tempo changes. On the Track with the audio on it, set the Track to Musical Timebase this tells the Track to position items on the timeline based on Bars & Beats. If set to Linear Timebase then items on the Track would be positioned based on hh:mm:ss (not what you want, but film folk need this).