How to make envelope template read only

I want to place an envelope display in my macro page so that the end-user can see the envelope playback data, but I don’t want the user to be able to actually adjust the curves and nodes of the envelope display. When using the envelope template in the macro designer, you can turn off the nodes by editing the envelope view element within the template, but the curves are still editable. Is there anyway (both normal or creative) to make the envelope display read-only and not clickable?

Anyone have a solution for this? I want the editiing to be done via the ADSR sliders I have. Is there no way to disable the enevelope viewer to be clickable? Here’s my interface to give an idea of what I’m trying to achieve here. I just want the editor to be visible not actually clickable.


try to layer a disconnected knob without function, optionally with a transparent (0% opacity) image, over the areas that you do not want to be reachable. Remember that the dummy knob needs to be below the envelope in the GUI tree to be above. The tree inverts it kinda…
I only tried this with a knob. You might find other elements to be better suited. Afaik images alone are not blocking clicks.

Hope this helps