How to make events from 1 clip follow the project's tempo?

Dear fellow-Nuendo-users,
I am a total newbie with Nuendo, coming from Logic and I am dealing with the following issue:

I’ve recorded an 3.50min commercial clip in a stereo track. (During recording, the project tempo was 120 bpm)
I’ve made 5 cuts in this clip, giving me a new (35secs) version of this commercial song, consisting of 5 events.

Now, I’d like to make this 35sec-version a little faster (from original tempo 110 bpm to 120 bpm)
I’ve found the clip in the Pool and with a little help from the Beat Calculator I’ve found the clip’s original tempo (110 bpm) and filled that in the clip’s tempo column in the Pool. After that, I thought to switch on Musical Mode (by means of crossing it on in the Pool’s column) but when I do that, the 5 events return to their original-recording-positions instead of sticking together…why is that and what’s the regular way to make your audio recordings follow the Project Tempo?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Best Regards, Niek.


I discovered that when I import the audio clip (instead of recording it), and do the same editing, the tempo-following works as expected; no weird event-shuffling occurs. Has this to do with the tempo-stamping which occurs when recording into Nuendo or have I overlooked something essential?

Cheers, Niek.