How to make folder follow tracks color?

So I got a bunch of tracks already colored lets say red, selecting all and chose to “move tracks to new folder”. The container folder created is always a different color forom the tracks added.
Is there a way to make the folder follow the tracks’ color when I give the “move” command?

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No way to do it?


Sorry, I don’t understand it. What color should be in use, if there would be multiple different track colors in the folder?

As far as I know, this feature is not in Cubase.

The color already used on tracks.
I already have the tracks colored the same color so the folder could be the same.

The higher count tracks’ color

Should be.
There is already the option to colorize folder tracks on preferences so would be cool if folders followed.

No way, but it is a trivial matter to color them. You can color multiple tracks at one time by selecting them all. Parts can be colored seperately or the same color as their track. There is a bug that sometimes occurs when you try to change the track color. If you have already selected a part, the track will not color. Solution, make sure you deselect parts before changing a track color. FInally, You can save your favorite palette of tracks in the Project menu /project colors setup/options

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Since Cubase uses the same color command for both tracks and events/parts, I don’t believe this is a bug. How else would you differentiate between coloring a track and coloring a part/event?

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