How to Make into Frame?

I have selected the [Tacet] and the last bar line || - but I can’t Make this into a Frame. Any help or workarounds very welcome.

Just select the Tacet, add a Frame Break, and then tick “Wait for next Frame Break” in the Properties. That will put all the music onto one page. You can add another Frame Break later if you need a second page.

Alternatively, you could just reduce the Flow Heading margins for this layout.

Thank you Ben,

my problem is, after I have put in the Frame Break at the first [Tacet], ticking “Wait for next Frame Break” on or off makes no difference.
I guess it has to do with the fact that the many [Tacet] somehow override the flow structure behaviour.

It should not, really. But there’s something a little bit buggy here, I just experienced it on a project I’m working on. Try removing the last break and putting it again — it worked on my project, but involved frame breaks.

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Fantastic Marc - success, thank you!
I removed the System Breaks and re-input them:

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