How to make line text larger?

I am using a text label with a line:

Line text style

In this case, I’d like the “Fill” text to be considerably larger. I don’t see any to accomplish that. Is there a paragraph style that controls that?

I realize I could add a separate text item, but I really like the ability to use the text property of the lines instead, as this will keep the layout consistent.

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Library > Font Styles… > Horizontal Line Font

Ahhh. I knew there must be a style, but I was looking under the "L"s


P.S. I have only recently begun to use the power of the styles. It is a really nice feature.

P.P.S I was looking in the wrong place altogether (paragraph styles instead of font styles) I find the font, character, and paragraph groupings confusing. Has anybody come up with a good way to explain the difference among those three very similar concepts?

The Custom Scale property (in the Properties panel, under Common) would probably work too, but I think that might also affect the thickness of the line, not just the size of the text.

For a general explanation that provides a rough rule-of-thumb, see here:

Thank you. That helps a lot. I must have overlooked that topic when I was looking at the help entries for the individual style types.

May I suggest you provide a link to the “Text Formatting” topic from each of the three topics: below? I now realize the “Text Formatting” topic appears in the outline at the left, but I just thought that was a header/grouping and not a topic on its own. For me it would most natural for the three topics below to begin with something like “There are several ways to accomplish text styling on a global basis, The various options are described in TEXT FORMATTING.”