How to make MIDI events always show CC Data

One of my annoyances in workflow is that separate MIDI events will not show the previous CC setting. For example, if I write in CC1 (Mod) info in one MIDI event, the next MIDI event will not contain that info so I will have no idea where the Mod parameter was set to previously. Making it so if I want to draw in more automation I will have to either glue the two events together, or guess where it left off.

Is there a way to make that info always show on every MIDI event?


If there are no MIDI Notes, it doesn’t make sense to send the MIDI CCs. So it doesn’t matter if you start with the very same value in the new MIDI Part (the same value as it was at the end of the previous MIDI Part) or at other value.

There is no way, how to show the MIDI CC value from the previous part in the new following one. I mean… You can use Automation Tracks instead of MIDI CC lanes. This could maybe fit to your workflow.

Thanks for the response. I will try that. Are there any downsides to using the automation lane vs. the MIDI editor?


It’s different approach. You cannot edit the automation curve in the Key Editor directly, so you always have to jump to the Project window/area and back to the Key Editor, if you edit the MIDI Notes and MIDI CCs.

At the other hand, you get all automation curves advantage, like the bezier-curves.