How to make midisetup for Korg Kronos

I connected Cubase 6.5 with a Korg Kronos.
There are several knobs like “tone adj/eq” and " timbre/track".
These knobs don’t respond correctly after connecting midicables.

Can I change the setup in Cubase to make it work?

Thanks for your help :wink:

You need to enable the sysex THRU…all the Kronos internal functions of those knobs are handled via SYSex…by using Cubase, you’re inserting something in the chain that removes it by default. so, notes and controllers pass through, but the syste exclusive manipulations of the surface do not.

Note: there’s a separate area in the Kronos where you can define what those send externally…but, that doesn’t change how the Kronos’s internal sounds/setups respond–they will always be sysex, so if you want to sequence it with Cubase, you need to remove the default input filter that filters out the sysex messages.

YES!!! Thank you so much for taking time popmann! :smiley: