How to make mono sound like stereo

recording on windows 7 with a shure sm57 and ci1 interface using wavelab. i can only record and hear in the left channel. i realize that it can only be mono with one mic but everyone i see recording for podcasts and youtube is only using 1 mic. how do i make recordings play in both channels so i can use them in windows movie maker or another video editing software?


Subtle difference: having the sound come out of both speakers isn’t stereo, it’s still mono, just out of more than one speaker. That said, you might want to record a single channel instead of two. If you already recorded on two channels, look for the panning function.


If you already recorded on a stereo track, just export this track to a mono file and re-import. Panning is only possible for mono material, but with balance (the term for stereo) you might get the sound more in the middle, but with much less volume.

For future recordings, create a mono track first and select the mic channel for its input. Output will normally be to two channels (which indeed doesn’t make it stereo).