How to make my daw control the cutoff and resonance of my mx88

Im trying to learn how to use CC automation in my DAW (cubase 12 artist) to control the cutoff, attack, lfo parameters etc… on my mx88 so i can make synth sounds with my yamah (like filter and resonance modulation) without having to phyiscally move the dials

Ive looked of up the CC values in the yamaha mx reference manual, and then i wrote automation on the corresponding midi channel, but it doesnt seem to work

I can see the value of the CC increasing in the daw, but the keyboard plays the midi notes just normally (no cool filter/cutoff synth effect)

im a pretty big noob, but would greatly appreciate any advice! let me know if you need more detail

I don’t have an mx88, but I know some devices might have multiple midi ports or modes of operation for different kinds of commands.

Have you been through the manual for the mx88 to check that out?

You could create an ‘external instrument’ but let’s keep it more straight forward for now:
Create a MIDI track with output set to the MX88 (As you did)
Create an Audio track to record the sound the MX88 produces. (Can’t see it, but maybe that’s what you did with that ‘Audio 1’ Track
On the MIDI track you can Write CC values. Use the Editor in the lower zone. Below the piano roll you’ll find the possibility to customize which CC values should be available, as I reckon these might be ‘exotic’.
The screenshot shows you are trying to use the Automation embedded in the track.

More interesting stuff to learn about the difference between Automation and MIDI CC

Great channel!