How to make my own preset folders for sound design

I must admit that a video of how to use the Nuendo media bay in depth will be a great deal of help.
I use the media bay for sfx libraries and such but I really need to make some preset libraries of all my synths and samplers.

When Im looking for a preset of a good laser sound i can go to my “lasers” library but sometimes i get the right sound via preset in a synth like retrologue or mystic (facelift is needed there), so I have the preset in the preset library of the VST itself, but i want to save the preset in a content folder that will be my “synth based lasers”, and I will add to this content every preset from any synth with the right attribute.

As for now, my problem is that it is really nice that I found a good sound but I will need it later…maybe next month, and I will never remember that I had it.

Any suggestions?


Soundminer or Basehead have something like favourites with no need to copy the files by itself. Pretty handy though rather expensive way.

Yes but this is really not the point of my message. :slight_smile:

Use attribute tags in mediabay.