How to make one track have the exact same tone as another

I am being super systematic about recording (and not getting too confused) so I have a Folder for each verse and chorus. Example: Folder 1 contains separate tracks for drums, rhythm guitar, lead guitar for Verse 1; Folder 2 contains tracks for drums, rhythm guitar, lead guitar for Verse 2. Therefore, guitar for Verse 1 and Verse 2 were not recorded on the same track, so it sounds a bit different in tone, quality, and so forth. I want them to match!

What I want to do is have the rhythm guitar of Verse 2 have exactly the same tone, volume, etc. as Verse 1? I want to keep all of the Folders separate, because this helps me keep track of what I need to do, where I need to go! Ideas? Please?

you can add each instrument to the same group. example: guitar towards 1 guitar verse 2 routed to the “guitars towards” group. apply your plugins to the created group

I group in a different way. I have guitars grouped together, drums together, keys together and bass sounds together. I would then have guitar on different tracks in that group for verse, chorus and solo. Any parts that require the same processing I put on a sub group and put the processing on there.

I do a lot more but that’s it simplified. If you prefer to have it how you do then you can still have them go to a sub group

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what do you mean by “guitar towards 1”? I think I know what you mean by this… But not quite.

By “group” do you mean the same folder?

group = Group Channel:

Group Channel is something very different than same folder. Same folder only organizes things visually , but doesn’t do anything to audio routing and mixing. Group Channels refer to Audio signal routing and mixing, and applying common FX to the Group Mix.