How to make Padshop 2 only play for the duration of my drums?

I have groove agent 5 on a track
and I have padshop 2 on a track
how do i get the sound of padshop 2 on the track for the duration of drums and only when i want it to play?

I’m not sure exactly if this is what you are trying to do, but…

  1. Put an Audio Gate as an Insert on the Padshop Track.
  2. Set the Sidechain on the Gate so it is triggered by the Audio from the GA Track
  3. When you play them the Gate will open so that you hear the Padshop Track only when Audio on the GA Track plays.

There is also a MIDI Gate which works the same except it is triggered to open/close by MIDI Note-On/Off messages

If this isn’t what you want please elaborate.

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