How to make possible to use the newly installed third-party plugins in Cubase 12?

I upgraded Cubase from 10 to 12.
Third-party plugins previously installed in Cubase 10 work correctly.
However, the thing is with the newly installed third-party plugins (of course 64 bit, Vst 3 and not blacklisted).
Cubase sees all installed plugins in the “VST Plug-in Manager”, but they cannot be used in the program. They are invisible when I want to add them as Insert or Effect.

I checked other topics, and it doesn’t matter in which folder I install them (C:\Program Files\Common Files\vst3 or C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\VST3)

The issue is not in these plugins, because also the ones with Steinberg Cubase 12 (e.g. ACQUA - Fire The Clip) are also not visible for use. However, they are visible in the “VST Plug-in Manager”, where everything looks right.
How to make them possible to use?

Thank you for help!

Have you dragged the plugins to a folder , they do show up in the plugin manager but you then need to drag then to the plugin folder you are using for them to work

thank you!

I created before new folder in plugin manager. When I delete it everything is fine :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum and glad you have sorted your issue :+1: