How to make Rhythm by Chord Track?

Dear Friends,

i am using Chord Track of Cubase7
and would like to make rhythm by chord track,
it means that Chord Track generate as same length of chord note to
applied MIDI track like a whole note.

i wonder if some MIDI effect could make Chord-Rhythm?
i have tried already as following that…
it may use as MIDI insert effect of MIDI Echo, … but it was not enough.
otherwise using “Transformer”, but i don’t know how to use well.

if someone could use Transformer well,
would you like to show me some of example please.
Best wishes, … :question:
MyTopic.pdf (105 KB)

Hi and welcome,

If you want to create patterns from pressed MIDI notes, use some arpeggiator, please. There are two, in Cubase: Arpache 5, and Arpache X. These are in the MIDI Inserts. You will be not able to see the pattern, this will be created in real time, so you can hear it, of course.

Do you want the pattern to be created automatically (in which case, use Martin’s suggestion :wink: ), or do you want to play the pattern yourself (or use an existing pattern, as per your pdf), but have it automatically follow the chords in the Chord Track?..
See pg.553 of the manual (“Following the Chord Track”… Live Transform), but please make note of the following extra info…

  1. Once you have created the Chord track, Mute it (yes! :wink: )
  2. Record/Monitor enable the MIDI/Instrument track and play your rhythm, without bothering about the notes you are hitting (except… make sure you hit a whole “bunch” of notes together, such that they are at least as many as the notes used by the chord track… doesn’t matter if you hit too many at the same time… just use the palm of your hand on the keyboard! :wink: )
  3. Record your “performance” (which you can then of course edit/quantize etc :wink:.)

Yes i wanted to make the pattern, after all i could make by using sequence mode of ArpachX but i was thinking that arpeggiator always make broken chord ( i did not know) anyway my problem of topic was solved. Thanks so much for your kindly comments! :smiley: