How to make right setup in C12 Midi Remote to control with buttons on NI Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2

I tryed to make configuration for my KK S61 keyboard to control for example selected channels
volume, pan, my fx send levels. With knob controls everything work as expected.
But when I configured buttons to control on-off Read Write Automation , Edit Channel Settings, Edit Instrument it is not as expected.
I must push buttons 3 times to get On - Off operation instead of 1 time.

Did anybody tryed the same and know how to set up all that parameters to get buttons work correctly?

Hi @Ales_Zibelnik, please open the Mapping Assistant and select the mappings where you have to push “three times” you’ll probably have to set their “Toggle Mode” to “off”. That is the case when the hardware already does the toggling.

I’ll try it, thank you.
I have hardware on toggle, its true.

It works! Thank you Jochen,
I inserted picture how exactly is with button settings in KK hardware and Mapping Assistant
if somebody want to try :grinning:

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