How to make shortcuts appear in boxes here on the forum?

Hello Lillie, how do you make those buttons ?
They are very handy in tutorials for my students. Is it just a font ( that you can buy),or is it more complicated ?

Thanks :pray:


You mean like this? It’s a <kbd> tag in the Markdown language of this forum.


Yes! Is there a way to use these kind of things in Word or Excel in order to make tutorials ?
Key presses like these are clearer than regular numbers.
Is there a font that does the same thing?

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  • For a single character, Unicode has U+20E3 “Combining enclosing keycap” if you have a font that supports it. Example: T plus U+20E3 = T⃣
  • For full keycap fonts, a quick search yielded this site

Thanks ! I’ll look into it :+1: