How to make sure my files play in stereo on a PA system

Ok, I’m not sure how exactly PA systems work, but I’m exporting some mix downs from Cubase and going to use them in Ableton Live for a live show. Some of the soft synths I’ve recorded are in stereo, and I have other tracks panned more to the right or left. So, I’m wondering if I import them into Live as a wave, can I use two TRS cables and run them to the mixer, will it still be in stereo? I see there is an option for “split channels” and “L/R channels.” Do I need to click one of these, or is it ok without it, and once mixed down, will it maintain the stereo field when routed through two outputs?

Better mix that thing in mono, that’s how most PA’s are run.

In fact, this is not correct. Nowerdays 99 % of PA Systems are driven in stereo - or at least 2 channel mono mode, which in proper practical use, is like stereo. Most of the line array systems are driven in stereo for high-mid + subs at 1 channel mono.

The only reason to avoid a wide panorama in all cases is the audience. Just imagine people who are standing in front of the right speaker, they´ll not hear, what you mixed to the left one and the other way round. So it has disadvantages for everybody not standing 100 % in the middle between the two speaker arrays. As an acknowledged rule, pannings of maximum 25-30 % to the left or the right are acceptable, but not more.

And to answer the initial question: If you enter the mixer on two channels, make sure, that on the mixer, you pan one channel 100 % to the left and the other 100 % to the right and it will support the stereo field. But as mentioned above, you should not pan more than maximum 30 % to the left and to the right, if you have not already mixed your track like this for the use on PA Systems… Don´t split the channels, just mixdown a normal stereo file, like you would do for CD-Use.


PA is wired and connected in stereo but run in mono at the desk for most of the sources.
Lesson for op get a stereo mix that will work well in mono for live use.