how to make sure only 64 bit in my session ?


i have some 32 and 64 plug ins. most time i try to avoid 32.
i use cubase 7.5.20 on W7x64 and i have some crash (freeze cubase with no other way then force to exit)
time ago i sent a mail to support for help and base on a report they said i had some 32bit in that session.
but the plug ins they listed to be the reason for the crash were actually 64. or were they ?
how can i make sure only to use the 64plugins ?
i see in the plugin infromation window in theh SDK column some VST 2.4 / VST 3.5.2 and some have (win32) are that the x86 plugins ?


some have (win32) are that the x86 plugins ?

Yes…win32 are 32 bit.

Hello sylvainmoreau,

you can remove the VSTBridgeApp from the components folder, so that Cubase can’t load 32-bit Plugins even if you wanted to: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5\Components

All the best

thx for your answers.
i’ll remove the VSTBridgeApp

It is much easier to remove the VST path in VST plugins information setup window --> c:\program (x86) files\vstplugins or the others where the 32 bit plugs resides. This way you even do not see the 32 bit plugs, where removing the vstbridge doesn’t allow the plugs to be run but still will be visible (this is an guess actually as I haven’t tried it out myself)

I do this on a regular basis as C7 craps out on me, removing the plugin paths suddenly makes C7.5 stable again, how strange :wink:

To expand on this slightly… what I do is create my own VST folders, for example: “C:\VST 64bit”, “C:\VST 32bit”, etc.

Then you just need to be sure you install your VSTs in the proper folder (you don’t have to use the installer’s default location).

Then set the paths in the VST plugins information window. If you do not want the 32 bit plugins, don’t list them. If you need them for some reason, you can easily load the path of the 32bit plugins and re-scan.

+1. This is the ‘proper’ way to do it, which is why plugin software installers offer you the choice to store their 64bit and 32bit versions in different folders (besides if they stupidly name them the same!), and Cubase offers the path list facility (at least for VST2 plugins).

Since I don’t run Cubase 32bit any more and all my plugins have 64bit versions, if their installer allows, I don’t even install the 32bit versions, or just put them into a ‘32.Not Used’ folder which is not in Cubase’s VST2 path list.

While Luis’ suggestion would appear to solve it, I suspect that the next update/upgrade will reinstall the VSTBridgeApp component. It would be better if it was a selectable item at installation time. I would certainly uncheck it!

However, are VST3 plugins only 64bit? If not, because there is no Cubase plugin path list for segregating them, then deleting the VSTBridgeApp would be the ONLY way to prevent use of 32bit VST3 versions.