How to make sure that a plug-in is always processed?

I’m working on a new plugin.
This new plugin is generate noise and hum and we don’t want to go off cpu.
Unfortunately after a few seconds cubase stop to call process method.
What can we do avoid this and be always processed ?

If your plugin always generate sound without needing any input audio, you can add the category “Generator” as subCategories (for example use kFxGenerator)
or you can return kInfiniteTail in the function IAudioProcessor::getTailSamples

In addition to Arne’s suggestions, Cubase and Nuendo each have an option in the Preferences (plug-Ins section) that tells process calls to VST3 plug-ins to stop when there is no audio. That box is checked by default. If you un-check that box, the process calls will no longer stop after a few seconds as you’ve described.