How to make the "Ample metal guitar" work in cubase elements

The plug is installed and works in the windows (10) environment
but in Cubase it doesn´t appear anywhere?!!
(Doesn´t matter if one install 32 or 64mbit)
One should start a new midi-track and choose the plug from there
but it is only assigned to the Halion-sonic sounds (which came with Cubase 8 elements)

Is the “Ample metal guitar” not designed to work with elements?

The Ample Metal Guitar vst installs as a stand alone VST instrument or a VST instrument plugin that runs in a VST host application like Halion Sonic SE that comes with Cubase. So it would show up in the list of sounds available in Halion.

If it is not working, try adding a “Instrument” track instead of a 'Midi" track and choose the plug from Halion Sonic SE.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tip!
I´ll check this soon.