How to make the cursor jump to end of pasted event?

Hello. I’m on 12 Pro (Windows), and I can’t find the solution to this problem. This question has been asked before - in 2015, and the following is a copy/paste of that question, as the only reply it got back then wasn’t helpful to me:

Sorry if this has been asked before but I tried searching and don’t really see anything. If I have a 4 bar loop highlighted and copied, when I go to the end of the loop, press Ctrl + V to paste, it will then paste the loop, but the cursor bar stays at the beginning of the loop. I could have sworn I saw in a video a while back a guy was just pasting his loop and the cursor would go to the end of what he just pasted so that he can just keep pressing, Ctrl + V however many times needed. Its not that big of a deal, but it would be a lot easier than me having to go and click the end of the loop for each time just to paste a new one.

Help regarding this would be highly appreciated.

Transport>Locate Selection End

Thank you - this is helpful.
But isn’t there a setting that makes this happen automatically when pasting?

You can create your own custom commands using macros.

Are you sure they were pasting? Probably not. Check out the Duplicate command.

OK, thanks.
The exact operation is programming MIDI drums in the Key Editor, and if I’m using ride in a verse I tend to make a bar how I like it and then copy the ride from that bar to the rest of the bars using copy/paste. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, but it would make it a lot easier if the cursor automatically jumped to the end of each paste.

Did you do what I suggested?

I tried, but couldn’t make it work.

You’re saying this doesn’t work? How exactly? What are you doing, what do you expect to happen?

You must understand that other users cannot see your screen, so it would be good to be extremely specific and precise in what you are asking.

If by “duplicate command” you mean marking what I want to copy, and then using alt. and moving the section with the mouse - copying it to the next bar, that of course works.
But I wasn’t able to make a macro that would do what I wanted.

If it was unclear what I mean, I’ll try to illustrate it in these two pictures. This first pic shows that I’ve high-lighted four beats. I’ve copied them using the ctrl+c command:

In this next picture, I’ve pasted in the copied beats at the cursot location, but the cursor stays in the same place as before (at first beat in bar 2). What I want is for the cursor to place itself after the last new beat (at 2.3 in bar 2). That way, I could just hold “ctrl” and press “v” for as many times as I need, as the cursor would place itself at the new position for each new paste.

No. Much simpler. Use the command whose name is Duplicate.

Go into the Key Commands dialog and search for that word.

Ok, at last I got it.
Ctrl+D does extactly what I wanted.
Thank you very much for your help, time and patience.

Glad to be of assistance!

You can also use independent track loop then repeat. It will let you create a looped phrase of any length within an editor then fills that until the end of the part. You don’t have to cycle the main transport but it loops internally, so the little phrase can be created while the rest are playing the structure. It’s a great tool when you know how.

The best way to get to the end of any selected events, in the general case, is to hit P then 2.

I wouldn’t say so. Using the Transport>Locate Selection End command is one keystroke, and doesn’t move the locators.