How to make the delete key bright?

如何使删除键成为亮色?How to make the delete key bright?

There may be some language issue here. What do you mean by ‘bright’? Is it possible to explain?

Google translate gives me:

How to make the delete key a bright color?

Are you trying to control the brightness of the key on your keyboard? Your keyboard app does that, maybe. But I don’t understand what you mean in relation to Dorico. However, I can get a Chinese speaker to read your picture, so maybe I can help out more.

Or, … are you asking why the rubbish bin icon is greyed out?

I think what is meant is “How to highlight the rubbish bin icon?”.

I want to delete what the arrow points to.

As far as I know, you cannot delete system built-in playing techniques, so the bin is greyed out for them. You can delete PT’s that you create yourself.

I think, this is the default to create a new Playing Technique. You can’t delete it, because you will first have to create it. Does this explain your issue?

The DORICO 5 I purchased is a Chinese version, and I will try to use English in the future. Thank you for reminding me and say hello to your Chinese wife!
我购买的DORICO 5是中文版,今后我尽量用英文。谢谢你提醒,问你中国妻子好!