How to make the fade handles & end point of audio events big


Sorry for if i am asking a silly question here. But its really annoying to deal with the small fade handles as well as the end and start point (white square box) handles for any events including audio in cubase 6.5.5.

Is there any way to increase the size of these handles?

I hope there is some options for this because steinberg said 6.5.5 is the last update of 6.5 series. :frowning:


You can edit them in the info line if you’re having problems.

Most of the time due to the small size of these handles, i mis-drag the events. It is better to use these handles than info line.

If u have a pc, CTRL +++ ?

Is it for fade in/out command or increase decrease size of events?

So there is no option to increase handle size?

It’s a windows command to zoom in/out of the screen.

I think you meant to say ‘Win key +++’