How to make the Sample Selector to work

Does anyone know how to set up the Sample Selector template?

The one found under macro page templates, Studio Strings. It is supposed to load a layer preset.

Here is the library structure:
VST3 Sub Presets.PNG
And macro page editor:
Sample Selector.PNG.jpg
But I’m obviously missing something because it doesn’t work.

completely off topic:
sry, i have no answer at this time… got to get up early and just shut down ye ol daw… in midst of a glitch… speaking of glitches - ur gui looks totally weird n glitchy… is the screenshot weird or is that how it actually looks?

anywho… hope u get ur fix…gnite…=)

It actually looks like that. Lot of guessing what’s what and relying on tool tips.

Anyway, here’s another attempt. This time I also tried to copy the script from hot brass(the one in program tree).
Still doesn’t work.
Sample Selector 2.PNG.jpg

Seems that the Wavetable Selector problem is repeating with the Sample Selector…

Finally I think I got it.

Sample Selector loads layer presets from VST3 Sub Presets folder. Presets in this folder are hidden from mediabay and can only be loaded via script. Folder structure of the vstsound needs to be:

VST3 Sub Presets/Product/Sub Presets/Section
Sample Selector.PNG