How To Make The Skrillex Vocal Effect

ok. ill try again anyone no how to make this effect with cubase?, i no there are other daw you can do this effect. but what are they using to do it.

Why didn’t you watch the vids in links I gave to see what they were using? Why make another post on the same subject?

i did. they are taking there vocal (audio) and slicing it to a midi track. does cb have that option? i looked around tryed different things and could not copie it to get that sound. i do appreciate your help. thanks

-Use Groove Agent One
-Slice your audio and drag the slices in GAO
-Select all used pads (holding ctrl) and in pad edit/voice/tr.mode select Key Old
-Click in the rectangle under “excange” and drag the midi file in GAO midi track or play your keyboard
-Search Groove Agent One in Documentation/Plug-in Reference and watch mashedmitten’s videos for details

Can you post a short clip of exactly what you mean?

This is good advice. I use this technique all the time for chopping up loops. Groove Agent One is probably the closest thing Cubase has to a proper sampler…

thank you. that was what i was looking for. i also found , if you take a audio track or clip and bring to the sample editor select hit points, then extract midi to midi track, in the insert of the origanal audio use a picht correct. route your midi (track) in, to the audio, and then play the pitch also gives you the same kinda effect. more of the shrillex effect by playing the pitch

Awesome! I always love it when I learn something new from this forum :sunglasses:

u can also use variaudio “pitch & warp” and play around with the notes there,
or just chop up the vocals audio and use slip editor