How to make these guitar slide-ins

I think I am falling foul of the distance between notes between which one can implement the slide-in sign. In an unnamed piece of software I can do this for sliding on the 5th string …
Slide signs

and would very much like to manage it in Dorico. Any ideas?

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What does the slide represent in this situation? That you are sliding generally up or down the neck, rather than that you are specifically sliding up the fifth string?

In this case that the LH 1st finger is sliding up and down the 5th string thereby changing position; it would be helpful if the slide showed even if it ended on a different finger (assuming that a position change was occurring).
I have seen the sign used for a 'general ’ position change but I think it reasonable that it should be a true slide i.e. on the same string.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to force the slide to appear at the moment if there’s not a preceding note on the same string to give Dorico a clue about the direction. It’s not ideal, but perhaps for the time being you could use one of the straight-line jazz articulations and nudge it into the right place in Engrave mode?

You can create unison notes in another voice, and place the fingerings on them, like so:

After hiding stems and removing rests:

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Yes - that works OK - thanks Daniel

Oooh - I’d never thought of that - that works very well too - and it’s a real slide.
Now I have choices.
Thanks JesterMusician.

Just a small addition.
Using JesterMusician’s technique, one has to remember to delete LH fingering on the original voice and apply it to the new one.
And, whilst the straight-line jazz articulations work well, I cannot find a way of filtering/hiding them in the full score.