How to make Title bar/ Top bar not persist across all desktops in Windows?

Desktop 1

Desktop 2

This bar persists in all other desktops/ workspaces in windows. Is there a way to turn it off?


You can do it by maximizing the Project window on the preferred desktop.

At that point though, if you place a window on the 2nd desktop you will have no menu until you maximize that window.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been quite happy with how that works.


Steve is 100%.
Unfortunately, The only way to have other elements on VD is to have the bar there…
I have 5 Desktops w/a Mixer on 3 of them, Cubase on 1 and apps on another.

The sucky part is that whenever you open it, you have to place everything back where you want it…

but, compared to how bad Cubase was on window GUI, I’m surprised we even got this far.


I agree it’s not the ideal situation, but thanks anyway!

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Window handling on (ironically) Windows has never been standard in Cubase and is just one of those things that, eventually, you give up fighting, accept and work around as best you can.