How to make Variaudio changes apply to copied/pasted events?


the title is pretty self explanatory.

There was a time when if I made a pitch change on a lead vocal on the chorus of a song, and that audio clip was already been copied/pasted on every chorus before the change, the VariAudio change automatically applied on every identical clip.
It’s very tedious to either edit every clip throughout a song or re-copy/paste everything on each further change.

I seached for a box to tick or something to bring it back but didn’t find any, do anyone know how to make this ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Audio events should be “shared” copies by default…you may have changed this setting to do not ask again and then selected to create new event at some point so it is just repeating what you told it to

Preferences/Editing/Audio/On Processing Shared Clips = Open Options Dialog

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Nailed it !

Thank you Grim ! :slight_smile: