how to make visible only a staff of marimba (<- how to make empty marimbas in scores)


I can hide marimba in the linked marimba part of a score by selecting ‘All systems’ of the ‘Hide empty staves’ in the ‘Vertical Spacing’ in the ‘Layout Options’.
However, the marimba in the score has still a grand staff.
How could I hide only the empty staff of the marimba staff in the score?

In the same place! Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves. Below the big buttons you’ve already checked, you have a tickbox saying “Allow individual staves of multi-staff instruments to be hidden”.

It hides all empty staves. I need to hide only the empty marimba in the score without affecting other staves.

Notice that you can except some players from being hidden. And input some transparent text (spaces with shift-x) to avoid other staves from being hidden

I have changed the title of this thread because I realised that this method above makes marimba staff invisible if the both of marimba staves in a system are empty.
I need a method, a single staff of marimba is always visible. Is it possible?

Add staff below when you need two, and remove staff when only need one?


There is a single staff option for Marimba. Does the Marimba single staff not work for your needs?


Yes, that’s was my thought, then add a staff below as needed.


There is a single staff option for Marimba.

How could I access this option?
I could not find it. Sorry.

Is it not showing up as an instrument option in setup?

Sorry, I could not find.
I am attaching a screenshot:

What I mean is, change the instrument, and start to type “Marimba.” Does it not bring up an option from the list of instruments for a single-staff marimba?

Or keep the two staff marimba and use remove staff when you only need one?


Create a new player and add a marimba. You should see several options and one of them should be “single staff” marimba.


Thank you!