How to make VST Instrument "channels" not tracks

Hi Folks
I am trying to switch from SX 2.5 to Cubase 6.5 and have run into one hitch. I use Steven Slate Drums (SSD) and in the past with 2.5 when I loaded SSD drum “channels” would appear for all the various drums in the kit. I could then assign the different instruments to those channels through the SSD mixer. Also with Kontakt 3 and 5 I could do this. With 6.5 all that the mixer has is a stereo channel for the whole kit. I can’t see anywhere in the manual where it says how to create channels for individual parts of VST instruments. I can see how to create “tracks” but that seems to be different then what I’m after as I can’t load individual drums and cymbals into those. Am I just being an idiot or does someone know how to do what I require? Thanks in advance for your help!

F11 “instrument rack” … load the VSTi there. On the row on the Rack instance is a button to “enable” all the audio channels.

There are “Instrument Tracks” and the there is the “VST Instruments” rack. The instrument tracks have limitations.

Just follow JMCecils instructions (i.e. using the VST Instruments rack) and you’ll be fine.